It was in 2006 when we came across this fabulous house, well not so fabulous at the time but we could see how she could be restored.  We think we had rose tinted glasses on when viewing the property as she was a complete wreck and all we saw was a ramshackled building with beautiful roses growing around her.  This was the reason we called her Maison des Roses'.  The village people had given up on this house and we soon realised this when the villagers would walk past, peering inside with curiosity and saying 'Bonne Courage'  (good luck)!   After years of hard work the locals would then walk past saying  'Magnifique'  (magnificent), so we decided it would be nice for others to enjoy it on their holidays.   We have set out to create a tranquil and authentic environment allowing you to appreciate the pleasures of rural France. 

We hope you enjoy staying in our home as much as other guests have.

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